Watch DJ Snake Cry During Hot Wing Challenge

DJ Snake Takes on the Hot Ones Wing Challenge

For those unfamiliar with Hot Ones, it is an interview series hosted by by Sean Evans where the guest is grilled while eating increasingly spicy wings. Previous guests include a wide variety of celebrities from Kevin Hart to DJ Khaled to Martin Garrix.

Having grown up with spicy home cooking, DJ Snake came into the challenge cool and confident. He breezed through the first five sauces with ease while answering questions about the reasons for his hit songs success, his love of football, international travel and his name. Which he surprisingly hates as it comes from his teenager years as a graffiti artist.

As the wings heat up so do the questions. Asked about the Twitter wars that some DJ’s are known for having, DJ Snake provides some insider insight, saying it’s fun to watch Deadmau5 and Diplo and that apparently Calvin Harris is a low key savage. He even regrets putting David Guetta on blast for copying him.

By now, he is really struggling with the heat, saying “I’m crying. Behind these glasses is a human being”. With sauces named Da Bomb, Mad Dog, and Mega Death Sauce with Liquid Rage, it’s easy to see why. Regardless, he powers through and finishes the challenge like a champ

DJ Snake finishes off the interview with his guide to success: “Stay true to yourself. Keep believing in your vision. Don’t listen to nobody. Don’t copy nobody. And don’t eat those fucking wings.” Words to live by.

Check out the video above. It’s definitely worth watching till the end.