EDC Las Vegas 2017 Lineup Reveal One Week Away

You’ve been counting down the days. Collecting all the blinking, glowing, and floral accessories that you can possibly find. And blown your entire travel budget for the moment we’ve all been waiting for, EDC Las Vegas 2017. Yes, the house that Pasquale built. And by house, we really mean, insane neon circus tent.

Just last night, Insomniac leader Pasquale Rotella let us know that the big lineup reveal for EDC Las Vegas is right around the corner. In fact, it will be next Thursday, April 27th at 6pm PT. As he’s done in the past, the lineup will be revealed on Night Owl Radio with 200 song snippets being played in 60 minutes for listeners to hear rather than see who will be playing the massive festival. What a great concept considering we all go to events to hear the DJs rather than see them. It’s all about the experience for Pasquale, starting with the lineup reveal until the last beat is played. Be sure to tune for what is sure to be an epic power hour. And we’ll see you all in the desert in less than 2 months!!