Skrillex Blames Elon Musk for Police Detainment

On Thursday, April 20th, Sonny Moore, aka Skrillex, was pulled over and detained by police in Hollywood, California. The dubstep godfather reported that he was pulled over in his Tesla Model X for “playing my music too loud.” It’s not clear if he meant that he was actually listening to his own music while cruising the Sunset Strip on ‘national weed day’, but city police obviously interpreted the noise levels as intrusive to surrounding areas.

Once stopped, police asked Moore to exit his vehicle as he didn’t have identification on him. This is common practice for drivers traveling without a license on their person. Fortunately, Skrillex was not officially charged and was, instead, cited by police for a noise violation and for driving without proper ID.

Taking to twitter, the dubstep producer jokingly called out Tesla CEO, Elon Musk, blaming the automobile entrepreneur and the Model X sound-system for the police complaint.