The Gorillaz Stream New Album at 500 Global Locations


True Gorillaz fans recognize the project as more than just a music act, but as an art and cultural experience. With the much anticipated release of Humanz, their first album release in more than 6 years, expectations are high. Preceding the album release, the group made available a downloadable app which will allow fans to submerse themselves in the band’s alternative reality and explore the Humanz story. The app is compatible with virtual reality headsets or is usable with just a smartphone.

The Gorillaz selected 500 locations around the world to contain streaming data of their new album. Functioning similarly to Pokemon Go, the app interacted with offline reality and encouraged users to find one of the 500 “Spirit Houses” to listen to new Gorillaz music. The innovative idea allows die-hard fans to listen to the album prior to release, and also gives them the opportunity to meet other fanatics while streaming. Below is a pinned map featured on the Gorillaz website which helped users to navigate their area towards the closest “Spirit House”.