We’ll Miss You, Woogie Weekend

woogie weekendWell, the winds of change are blowing and this time, they’re taking the beloved Woogie Weekend with them. Do LaB announced this week that the 3-day house and techno festival will not be returning for a third year. But don’t fret dear Wooglets, the team is taking a break to focus all of their efforts on curating a new festival experience for 2018.

While we can’t help but be excited by the news of another Do Lab produced festival, a bitter sweet nostalgia fills our hearts as we look back on the past two years. As a festival, Woogie Weekend found that sweet spot between quality talent, intimate vibes and flat out shenanigans. Everyone in attendance could feel the synergy; taking everything we love most about the Woogie stage at Lightning in a Bottle, and making it a little more personal.

The first year was undeniably memorable. While the weekend was full of incredible music by Lee Burridge, Autograf, Tara Brooks and the likes, everyone looks back and remembers the rain. I’m not talking about a nice sprinkle either, I’m talking about a torrential downpour. But that was what was so beautiful. Amidst the dance floor becoming a lake, everyone was enjoying and embracing the surprise weather. Splashing around and laughing at the ridiculous things we as a community will endure to listen to some good music.

For me personally, one of the most amazing moments of 2015 was Pumpkin’s set that first year. Listening to his electric performance full of love was my version of house heaven. I remember frolicking barefoot around the stage and laughing as I slipped and slid around the mud with my best friends. It was one of those surreal moments that I will forever hold so dear to my heart.

As the festival grew into it’s second year, it might not have been as wet but it was just as special.  Now that it had some traction and the logistics down, they were able to bring in world class talent from around the globe.  With the improved Kaleidoscope stage pipe set up and extended sets, true artistry was able to be shown. Acts like Claptone, FDVM and Eli & Fur delivered absolutely unforgettable performances. The size of the festival allowed the DJs to be so in tune with their audience that they played sets that were incomparable to other events. As Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs (TEED) closed out the weekend at the Hive stage, it was the type of set that left you going home with sore cheeks from too much smiling.

While each year brought in a collection of artists and performers, the atmosphere that was created at this festival was what made it one of a kind.  As Lightning in a Bottle grows in size, so do the people that find themselves at the Woogie. While I love seeing the appreciation for house and techno grow at a larger scale, there is nothing like a small group of likeminded individuals just having some pure, unadulterated fun.  A community that became so in sync throughout the festival that the feeling was nearly palpable.  Each individual so perfectly unique in their own way, but when put together, they created a funky little home.

So, while we are sad to see it go, we will remember all of the fun that we had and the memories that we created in this extraordinary space. We hope you enjoy your disco nap Woogie Weekend, we’ll see you around.

thanks woogie