Three Sets To Remember: Woogie Weekend 2016

The second annual Woogie Weekend, put on by the same events company that produces Lightning in a Bottle and The Do LaB stage at Coachella, happened last weekend at Oak Canyon Park in Silverado, CA. As I headed down south from San Francisco to check out what the hype was all about, I couldn’t help but have high expectations with such a spectacular house and techno lineup – and I was not failed.

The weekend’s musical talent included the likes of Damian Lazarus, Rodriguez Jr., Claptone, Beacon, Anton Tumas, Totally Enormous Extinct DinosaursKidnap Kid and many more high-quality names well-known for their skill in the house and techno music industries. Over the course of the three days, there were just a few in particular whose sets ultimately stood out to me and I highly recommend finding a way to see them for yourselves.

Credit: Daniel Zetterstrom

1. Claptone

Claptone is a magically mysterious artist whose name has been sprinkled across a number of festivals in 2016 – which, I learned this weekend, is for good reason. He plays with his identity as an enigma, as he is known for his spooky, long-beak mask and the shroud of illusion that surrounds him along with it. His beats, however, are not quite as creepy as the mask; rather, the funky, soulful tracks he threw down kept us joyfully moving for the entire set. Saturday night at the Kaleidoscope stage, this set was hands down my favorite of the weekend and I was truly impressed with his talent. The ups and downs of each progression triggered so many emotions in the best way possible; a perfectly aggressive, upbeat bass with a heavy flow and amazing vocals genuinely had me in awe. Favorite track from his set? The remix of Liquid Spirit – how could you not get down to that?

 photo IMG_7222_zpsmi7qlpjb.jpg

2. Eli & Fur 

I have always had a massive amount of respect for this female duo in such a male-dominated world. They’ve been on the rise for the past two years and are only continuing to climb. The two women hail from London, England and have genuinely mastered the art of house music. Their evening set at the Kaleidoscope stage was a great way to watch the sun begin to set and your feet move forever. The genuinely perfect balance of techno-influenced house beats and soft vocals were captivating and I’d argue that there was a smile on my face just about the entire time.

Credit: Daniel Zetterstrom

3. Kidnap Kid

I’ve had a personal goal to see Kidnap Kid in person for years and was beyond ecstatic to finally have the opportunity at Woogie. Matt Relton is a talented producer and DJ that I give much credit to for my entry into the techno music world, and his skill shined during his set at The Hive on Sunday night. The art of techno is truly embodied by Matt, and there was truly never a dull moment – when it seemed to get repetitive for just a brief moment, the sound would shift completely, surprise you, keep you interested – keep you going. The dark, dramatic shifts and beats were intriguing; the transitions were captivating. I couldn’t have asked for a better way to add to the close of my weekend.