Tiësto & Paul Van Dyk Are The Most-Traveled Musicians of All-Time

In new reports that have surfaced via TravelBird, two DJs, Tiësto and Paul Van Dyk, appear at the top of the list of most traveled musicians of all-time. We all know that DJs are constantly on the move with multiple shows every weekend, so it is really no surprise that two of the most iconic names in the EDM industry would accumulate the most miles amongst musicians.

TravelBird calculated the miles that the artists traveled while they were on tour since the beginning of their careers. Tiësto topped the chart with over 1,557,131 miles traveled and Paul Van Dyk came in second with 1,442,993 miles. To put these numbers into a different perspective, Tiësto has traveled around the world over 62 times and would have traveled to the moon 6.5 times! Some musical icons that the two DJs beat out in this category include Aerosmith, Metallica and U2. You can check the table of the top ten most traveled musicians below.