Apple To Reportedly Replace iPhone 8 Home Button With Macbook-Like Touch Bar

iPhone 8

We hope you liked the touchbar from the new 2016 MacBook, because it’s coming to your next iPhone. Yes, the iPhone rumors and leaks are sure to continue on for many months, but over the last few cycles, the rumors have been quite accurate. By now, you may know the conventional wisdom is that the iPhone 8 will launch alongside an iPhone 7S and a brand new iPad Pro, and that it will feature no physical buttons.

Now, we’re getting an idea of how Apple will replace the home button. The bottom sliver of screen real estate on the iPhone 8 will be a Touch Bar-like the one found on the MacBooks. Essentially, this is a row of swappable digital buttons (like the navigation bar on Android phones). What makes this new touchbar unique is that it will bake in Apple’s TouchID technology for biometric security. We’re told the end result is a phone smaller than the iPhone 7 but with more screen. What do you think about a Touch Bar replacing the home button?

Source: TechnoBuffalo