SMLE Enveils New Track feat. Helen Tess, ‘Overflow’

SMLE has released a new banger, ‘Overflow’ featuring vocal support from Helen Tess. The track features excellent, minimalist production from SMLE, who leaves more than enough room for Tess’s beautiful vocals to shine through.

“SMLE is a live electronic production duo composed of childhood friends who were fortunate enough to have studied and grown up around music their entire lives. A project 6 years in the making, SMLE entered the music industry with a singular initiative: putting a genuine look of happiness on your face. Whether its their nostalgia-inducing remixes or the fresh innovative sounds of their original tunes, SMLE music can only justifiably be defined by its ethereal splendor and its ability to resonate with the auras of the human body” (biography from press release).

Overflow was released on Lowly Places, check it out below: