Arty Revives Alpha9 Alias and Releases New Track


As dance music has shifted further and further towards radio and pop-friendly songs, artists are starting to feel the effects of the chainsmokerization of their music. One such artist who has drifted far from his original sound is Arty, an artist who started out in the Anjunabeats Progressive Trance realm. These days Arty’s music has followed a familiar pattern towards vocal heavy shorter radio songs, and his fans have been vocal in their criticism.

It appears that Arty has felt the same concerns about his shift, and in a long heartfelt post he laid out his own feelings on the subject. He announced that he would revive a long abandoned alias Alpha9 to focus on trance and progressive house tracks again, as a tribute to his dedicated older fan base. To kickstart the revival, Alpha9 released a new track “The Night Is Ours” on Soundcloud. Check it out below and grab it for free while you still can.