Apple Censors Dillon Francis’ New Sticker Pack

Although usually known for his comical personality, Dillon Francis was not amused when he found out Apple censored his new sticker pack. After much anticipation for the release of the sticker pack, Dillon received an email from Apple stating that a couple of the stickers were removed from the pack after being deemed “objectionable and offensive”. Dillon didn’t take to this too kindly and instead took to his social media to express his discontent.

Although a few stickers were removed, the sticker pack still consists of many entertaining components that can be used to communicate with friends. The pack, of course, is filled with all Dillon Francis themed stickers which includes his iconic piñata, Gerald, as well as some of Dillon’s most memorable catchphrases. You can check out his full rant below and be sure to download the free sticker pack here now.

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