OH GAWD. THE FEELS. There is seriously no better producer in dance music today that makes you want to feel something than Illenium. After a breakout 2016, the melodic dubstep producer has jumped out of the gate with a fury in 2017. Earlier this month, he released his latest track ‘Fractures’ feature heavenly vocals from Nevve. Pretty par for this course from Illenium at this point. Yet, we are still just head over heels enamored with this guy.

Just this past weekend at Crush San Francisco, an Insomniac event in the Bay area Illenium teased yet another new track. The song is supposedly titled, ‘The Sound of Walking Away’ featuring more beautiful vocals from Kerli. This latest was originally teased at SnowGlobe Music Festival, but another fan caught this week’s tease with surprisingly good quality. Let’s hope this one gets released soon as we could all use more knee-weakening, sit down and cry, melodic feels in our life. Check out the teases captured below!