Someone Stole Justin Martin’s USB At A Dirtybird Show

This past Friday, tragedy struck at the Mezzanine in San Francisco when someone stole Justin Martin’s USB from his controller at the annual Dirtybird Quarterly event. The co-founder of Dirtybird Records was devastated when he discovered that all of his work was stolen right from under him prior to his performance:

Since the incident, the internet community of his fans and colleagues have taken up arms to track down the person who stole his unreleased music. Justin Martin has even offered a $1000 reward for the person to turn in back in. The Dirtybird fan base is known to be a devoted crowd, and they have shown an immense amount of support to Justin online in this difficult situation.

A recent update from Martin’s social media states that they caught the thief on camera and stated he would “hunt him down”. The USB contains unreleased music that could be sold, leaked, or plagiarized if it ends up in the wrong hands. It still remains to be lost, stay tuned for updates!