Check Out Some ‘Epic’ Drone Footage From Eric Prydz


Besides being the world’s progressive house leader, Eric Prydz is a human being like the rest of us and loves to have fun. It seems like he could be getting into drone flying, as the producer recently posted a 10-minute video to his Facebook page for everyone to see. The video starts with the camera pointed at some bushes, leaving viewers to wonder what the heck is going on. The camera quickly ascends into the air and you soon see the Los Angeles skyline as it flies over the hillsides.

As the drone soars through the LA hills and towards the downtown, it captures all the beauty of Southern California and reminds us why superstars like Prydz decide to move there to live. A few minutes later, the drone makes a U-turn and heads back towards the hills and the Hollywood sign comes into view. The whole video has a mellow feel to it and the background music is perfect for a ride through the clouds. Maybe Eric will use this method for his next music video? Check it out below.