Cosmic Gate & Ferry Corsten – Dynamic

Cosmic Gate & Ferry Corsten - Dynamic

Cosmic Gate & Ferry Corsten – Dynamic

Not too long ago, German producer duo Cosmic Gate and Ferry Corsten released their first collaborative single ‘Event Horizon’,  and now they have paired up once again to bring a new massive track to follow up on their success, ‘Dynamic‘.

Premiered on Corsten’s Countdown this Wednesday, ‘Dynamic’ is a big trancer that is ready to meet you on the dance floor very soon. The track is seeped in atmospheric synths and familiar piano chords followed by spacious dark trance groove. And as usual with any Cosmic Gate or Ferry Corsten tune, ‘Dynamic’ brings the finest of pure energetic tune to get your liking. Give it a listen below.

Song itself is one of the upcoming tracks of Cosmic Gate’s Chapter.One, one of two-part album Materia featuring Ilan Bluestone, JES, Eric Lumiere, Julie Thompson and othersYou can pre-order ‘Materia – Chapter.One’ here.

Materia - Chapter One
Cosmic Gate: ‘Materia – Chapter One’ tracklist:

01. Cosmic Gate & JES – Fall Into You (3:27)
02. Cosmic Gate & Ilan Bluestone – Spectrum (Album Mix) (4:14)
03. Cosmic Gate & Eric Lumiere – Edge Of Life (Album Mix) (4:41)
04. Cosmic Gate & Ferry Corsten – Dynamic (3:19)
05. Cosmic Gate & Alastor – Fight The Feeling (Album Mix) (5:14)
06. Cosmic Gate & Tim White – The Deep End (Album Mix) (6:00)
07. Cosmic Gate – am2pm (3:03)
08. Cosmic Gate & Julie Thompson – Fireflies (Album Mix) (4:23)
09. Cosmic Gate – Halo (Album Mix) (5:08)