Ultra Music Festival Teases 2017 Mainstage

ultra music festival 2017

Now that Christmas is over, you’re probably already shifting your attention to Ultra Music Festival in March. Being the masters of hype that Ultra’s organizers are, they stoked the anticipation in the simplest of ways.

Alone this might seem completely meaningless, but Ultra has a history of teasing their mainstage designs with emojis. It all started in 2014 when Ultra teased their famed Vortex stage with a simple cycle emoji. This was obviously a super basic geometric representation of the stage design.Cyclone on Apple iOS 10.2

Then again, last year, Ultra teased us with two cyclones with a diamond in the middle, which previewed 2016’s double vortex.

So the question remains, what does this simple tweet tell us about the 2017 mainstage? Is it two cubes or two diamonds? Shout off in the comments and grab your ticketsย hereย before you miss out.