‘fabric 91’ Mix with Nina Kraviz Available Through NPR First Listen

fabric 91

fabric fans rejoice. On top of the news that fabric will be reopened, albeit strict guidelines they have to follow to the t, they have just announced the 91st edition of the 15 year running compilation. Nina Kraviz, Siberian-born Russian DJ/producer, was ranked high in the Resident Advisor poll last year at number 20, continually puts her critics words to rest.

fabric 91, jam packed with 41 tunes in a 76-minute mix, contains a nonstop techno masterclass of ups and downs featuring tracks from the likes of techno’s founding leading men from Reykjavik (Biogen), Cologne (Air Liquide), Rome (Leo Anibaldi), Finland (Panasonic) and Minneapolis (Woody McBride). Neil Ollivierra’s Detroit Escalator Co. and Claude Young, two great artists who represent Detroit are also included.

“This mix is a trippy acidic dream with a lot of different emotions along the way. And as it was recorded at different times and places, under different circumstances, it’s naturally absorbed all these very different emotions. I’ve used only completely new unreleased music or rare old tracks, and nothing in between, no current releases. The mix is an invisible bridge between the past and a future that is actually now.”

Out December 9th, the fine folks over at NPR have granted us access through their First Listen segment! This will be on repeat for quite a while on all of my listening devices.


01. Species Of Fishes – Tak
02. Bedouin Ascent – Ruthless Compassion
03. Woody McBride – TV
04. DJ Slip – Jill’s Meth (Side A)
05. Tim Taylor, Dan Zamani, Freddie Fresh, DJ Slip – Iceberg
06. Soren -19C
07. Leo Anibaldi – Aeon Fusion 1
08. DJ RX-5 – Like A Boogie
09. Nikita Zabelin – Confusion
10. Bjarki – Denise It Ain’t Easy 2
11. PTU – A Broken Clock Is Right Twice A Day
12. Orange Juice Man – Huckfuq 3 (Uxi Mix)
13. Birk Brainwash – Deli At Night
14. Breaker 1 2 – Sueno Malo
15. Panasonic – Murtaja
16. Birk Brainwash – Goyfax
17. Beverly Hills 808303 – Acid Planet 4 – A2
18. Kirlian – Porzellangasse Grooves – Groove 2
19. Species of Fishes – Crash Recovery
20. Frak – First Snow In Harlem
21. Species Of Fishes – Bfg9000 vs. Barons Of Hell
22. Biogen – Irrelevant Information
23. Biogen – Lag 38
24. Species Of Fishes – Sh
25. New Composers & Pete Namlook – Tetra
26. Unit Moebius – Radar
27. Nina Kraviz – You Are Wrong
28. Torul V – Denwer
29. Nina Kraviz – Pochuvstvui
30. Mike Henk – Dox-003 Untitled B1
31. Woody McBride – The Power Hour
32. Christian Bloch – Refuse
33. DJ Tuttle – Universe Of Love
34. Woody McBride – Prolonged
35. Drax LTD II – Amphetamine (Air Liquide remix)
36. Claude Young – Locked
37. Negative Return – First Light
38. Air Liquide – Revelation
39. Automatic Sound Unlimited – Approaching
40. The Detroit Escalator Co. – Fate (As A Chasm)
41. AFX – fork rave

Via: NPR