Vedic – Urania EP

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Vedic – Urania EP

Unica Records last week dropped the second volume of the MUSAS series titled Urania, a two track EP showcasing Vedic’s versatility as a producer and sets a wonderful tone for the other seven releases that are due out on the rest of the series.

A little more on MUSAS. The nine release series focuses on muses – ancient artists divinely inspired with the chosen producer asked to pay homage to classical themes and aesthetic value. The EP titled after Urania, the muse of astrology, is intended to bring out the adventurous and curious qualities and to immerse the listener into a space-like journey.

“Ascending” has a pumping bassline accompanied by an equally driving kick drum and surrounding shakers. Melodic chants laid atop an ever increasing synth line, make the title fitting for the arrangement. “Roaming” is a pile driver of a tune, utilizing thought provoking audio snippets and pounding, chunky low end grooves. No wonder he’s had support by the likes of Pleasurekraft, Oliver $, Green Velvet, Jaceo, Pig & Dan and many more.

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