Eric Prydz – PRY 037 EP

PRY 037

PRY 037

Eric Prydz – PRY 037

Legendary Swedish DJ and producer Eric Prydz is known for his eclectic repertoire and production abilities, namely for the diverse tracks he creates under two aliases, Pryda (in the progressive realm) and Cirez D (a techno masterpiece). He has just released a massively hard-hitting array of tracks under his new EP, PRY 037: “Choo”, “The Future” and “The End Is Just The Beginning.”

These three tracks feature extremely hard hitting bass lines coupled with the classic Pryda ambient percussion. “Choo” specifically features a dissonant techno inspired synth theme that builds into a smooth transition to a classic house beat at 3:02. The unfiltered theme comes in at 6:19 and is pure magic. “The Future” is more similar to a Cirez D structure with the theme being reminiscent of his monumental “VOIDED.” “The End Is Just The Beginning” is a magical journey through massively reverb infused synthesizers and syncopated percussion.

Once again, Eric Prydz has blessed us! You can give the tracks a listen below.

Eric Prydz – PRY 037 EP | Purshase