New London Mega Venue Printworks To Open January 2017

London, we bring you more good news! Not only is famed nightclub Fabric reopening, there will be a new 5,000-capacity venue set to open January 2017 on a 16-acre section of London’s docklands. Named in relation to its stellar location, the mega venue Printworks will be housed in the former Metro and Evening Standard printing facility. The multi-level industrial warehouse will be transformed into six unique event spaces, allowing for the ultimate experience for its anticipated visitors.

Promoters of Printworks claim the new venue to be an “experimental, multi-purpose cultural destination”, offering more than just a place to go clubbing. It will include fashion, music, broadway showcases, food festivals, and any other exhibition they can think of.

Worried that another club will come and go? No to fret, Will Harlod of LWE (co-promoters at Printworks) explains that they will avoid many of the licensing difficulties and financial pressures faced by venues in the UK at the moment because they offer a multipurpose space. He admits, “We might be a little bit bonkers taking it on but it’s too exciting not too,” and speaks on the atmosphere: “You know it’s a good space when you’re in there and you’re completely transported away from everyday life, and I really get that with the Printworks. You go up the steps into the Press Halls and it’s like you’ve walked into another dimension.”

Promoters at LWE also added that “The Press Halls still contain many of the original features, including some of the old printing presses, the best way I have heard of describing the space is it’s like Bladerunner on acid!”

According to LWE, the first round of events will be announced December 1st for their opening in January. Too excited to see what Printworks has in store? Check out the teaser video below!