Porter Robinson & Madeon’s “Shelter” Project Is Only Temporary

Porter Robinson and Madeon‘s collaboration entitled “Shelter” has been confirmed as only a temporary arrangement by the DJs after only just announcing the single and tour in August.

Madeon says that the project is special because they will both go back to their solo projects after the tour. He goes on to say that, “We know that this is a transient moment and we are taking it all in and enjoying it immensely, but we know that once this is it, it’s it.”

Porter added that, “From the start, we wanted everyone to appreciate this whole experience as something that was temporary, once-in-a-lifetime. We want the whole thing to feel like a blink. One single song, one single tour, and then it’s over.”

Porter further establishes the realism to the tour as well, compared to the fantastical nature of his solo project by stating that, “In this show, we wanted US to be the characters.”

The beauty in this tour is that it is a fleeting moment, a once in a lifetime show, and such a project between the esteemed producers might never happen again. While this is unfortunate news for Madeon and Porter fans alike, this does bring a deeper level of understanding to the importance of their Shelter tour. This is definitely a show you will not want to miss – check out the remaining dates here.

Peep their newest interview where the duo discusses the tour:

H/T: Dancing Astronaut