Porter Robinson & Madeon Talk “Shelter” In Triple J Interview

Madeon and Porter Robinson announced their Shelter Tour last week to great reception by their collective fanbase. Alongside this announcement, they also released their newest track titled “Shelter”, which you can listen to below.

Although this collaboration was the first of its kind between them, it should come as no surprise to true Madeon and Porter fans that the duo are finally collaborating. After all, Porter served as a production mentor for Madeon during his early days and two have been great friends ever since.

Porter and Madeon were interviewed on Triple J, an Australian radio station, and discussed the musical process behind “Shelter”. The interview begins with Madeon describing his studio in Nantes, France, which is located inside a bamboo garden, and includes “memorabilia” and “dedicated shrines” to Daft Punk and the Beatles. Porter further described Madeon’s studio as having “such good [good] vibes to be in there.”

The duo has been very secretive about their project so far, but Porter went on to say that they just want to “give people the music” without causing too much hype. It’s clear that Madeon and Porter are averse to having the marketers and advertisements pervert the musical experience they’re trying to establish. Be sure to check out the tour dates here.

Check out the interview here!