Deadmau5 and Shotty Horroh Shown Collabing in Studio on Hip Hop Track

Deadmau5 x Shotty Horroh

Deadmau5 and Shotty Horroh

Coming fresh from his live Twitch feed that he broadcasted yesterday, Deadmau5 is seemingly going in a different direction with his next project as himself and Manchester-based rapper Shotty Horroh were shown working on a collaboration together during the five hour long creative session.

The track, already having been ripped from the feed and posted to YouTube, is surprisingly being supported from the mau5 who usually doesn’t condone such behavior. The product of the time spent in the studio is an impressive hip hop laden groove that implements a soothing strings and flute sample throughout that allows Shotty’s effortless rhymes to stand out in perfect harmony. No word on a release date but Zimmerman’s album titled W:/2016ALBUM/ drops in two weeks so there’s that to look forward to.