Go Behind The Scenes Of “Shelter” The Animation

shelterPorter Robinson is single-handedly known for incorporating vast amounts of anime and Japanese culture in his artworks. Through his sophomore album Worlds, the electronic music industry saw unprecedented levels of Japanese animation in any live production. His most recent project is the anime short for “Shelter“, a beautiful collaboration he worked on with his French counterpart Madeon. The animation was produced by Crunchyroll and A-1 Pictures, a well-known anime studio responsible for shows such as Fairy Tail and Sword Art Online.

After receiving huge support from his fans for the video, Crunchyroll released a behind-the-scenes look into the production process of Shelter the Animation. Here, we see all the hard work that went into creating this short, but stunning piece of art as well as Porter’s true love for Japanese art and culture. Tomonori Ochikoshi, President of A-1 Pictures, states that the most interesting aspect of creating Shelter was working with Porter himself. “We found out why he creates the music he does, why people love him, and the passion and imagination he shows for the creative process.” Catch a glimpse of the studio work that went into the beautiful final product that is Shelter the Animation.