Eugene Luu on a Quest To Revolutionize The Chinese Music Scene

When thinking about the dance music industry, or the music industry in general, we often imagine the booming North American scene, or the long standing and historic European realm; the scene we should be looking to though, is the Asian market. Most notably the Chinese music industry. China is one of the largest economies in the world with one of the largest populations, why wouldn’t we check it out for the latest in dance music? Perhaps it has to do with music culture and the perception of the music industry China holds internally, and for us to really enjoy the fruits of this large scene, there needs to be some one to shake the boat. That’s where Eugene Luu comes in.

China has a very rich culture musically, especially with traditional styles, and as a Chinese American with a background and passion for Chinese music, Luu saw a perfect opportunity to bring things into the modern era. Getting his start like many Western counterparts, Luu got his feet off the ground merging Chinese pop and EDM with mashups that were exceptionally well received. From mashups on Soundcloud, to clubs in San Francisco with support from Soul Krush Entertainment, Malaysia and Hong Kong.

SBS PopAsia #HashtagHits with Jamaica & Andy – Eugene Luu Australia Interview + Guest Mix | Download

The young star has started garnering media attention, like with Asian Pop Weekly, and is slowly but surely building a legitimate fan base the old fashioned way. With performances and constant content output. Chinese EDM is taking the Asian scene by storm, and it could expand globally very soon. After all he’s only been at this for about a year!

In that year he’s been featured on MTV China with a live performance in Shenzhen (at China’s biggest music event, Bougainvillea Music Festival, collaborated with Taiwanese rapper Dwagie, performed at Malaysia’s top club Cuvée, and shared the stage with Justin Prime, Omnia, Rank 1, Heatbeat, Susana, DJ Feel,Jorn Van Deynhoven, Jamaster A, and Jordy Dazz. This mission to bridge a cross-cultural gap to bring EDM and Chinese music together is going to be a long one, but with early success like this he’s sure to accomplish his goal and make it to the history books for sure. Keep an eye out for this guy: you can check him out on Soundcloud and Youtube for the latest news and info.

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