Diplo Drops Unreleased Jack Ü Collab Live

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Ever since Diplo and Skrillex joined forces for Jack Ü in 2013, they’ve been taking the scene by storm. Hit singles “Where Are Ü Now” and “Take Ü There”, Jack Ü dominated the radio playlists, while the duo lit up live audiences with killer sets and staging. But this would all end, as Skrillex announced in August that the duo would be taking a break from live touring.

On their last scheduled performance at Reading Festival, Jack Ü dropped a bomb – a premiere of yet another star-studded collab. This time, the featured artist was Florence + The Machine.

Fast forward to Saturday, Oct. 22 and the track has resurfaced in St Paul. In a sold-out Myht Live show, Diplo dropped the collab for his fans for the first time in the nation.

A fan-recorded video has since been taken off of Twitter for copyright violations, but small snippets of the song can be heard in the clips posted below. The suspected title of the track, “Constellation”, stems from the repeated line, “constellation around your heart.”

The official release of yet another genre-mashing collab from Jack Ü will be anxiously awaited.

H/T: Dancing Astronaut / Your EDM