Jack U Going On Touring Hiatus


Dance Music’s biggest supergroup Jack U just made their British debut at Reading Festival last weekend. They headlined the NME/BBC Radio 1 stage on Friday and gave the crowd everything they wanted an more. With a huger set list filled with their classics, new music an plenty of remixes this will be a show the UK will remember for a long time. They ended their set with a brand new collaboration they did with Florence and The Machine called “Constellation”.

What’s even bigger than this show was that Skrillex got on Twitter after to say that this was their last festival show of 2016 and for a long time. We can only speculate what he means by a “long time”. They could possibly be working on a new Jack U release or be putting more time into their own acts. Either way with Diplo and Skrillex we can expect great things. Maybe now we can get some Skrillex solo work or the followup to Recess. Check out their set below.