Snapchat Accidentally Reveals the Ultimate Festival Accessory


Snapchat Spectacles

Us dance music fans love us some Snapchat, don’t we? From Dillon Francis to Getter to Skrillex and fans around the world, there is a constant stream of Snap stories featuring EDM. The only thing holding people back is the amount of time they feel like holding their phones in the air at a festival. More and more artists are speaking out against the phones up culture at shows, most notably Lane 8 with his special no phones tour.

Snapchat might have just let slip the ultimate festival accessory, that is sunglasses with a Snapchat camera built in. You probably have a pair of rave shades as it is, and now you can kill two birds with one stone. These sunglasses have been rumored before, and the video that let the cat out of the bag was swiftly taken down. This is basically an updated and simplified version of Google’s Glass project. Called Spectacles, the camera in the corner has a ring of light that flashes during recording. The product will be released some time this fall and will cost $129.99. According to a representative, they will be able record up to 30 seconds of video, feature a 115-degree-angle lens and are capable of posting your snaps directly to the app. The one-size-fits-all glasses will come in multiple colors. Just shut up and take our money!

Additionally, Snapchat will no longer be Snapchat. The company will now be known as Snap Inc.

Check out the commercial below.

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