STREAM: Nicolas Jaar – Sirens LP


Nicolas Jaar – Sirens LP

Nicolas Jaar is more than just a mastermind when it comes to the sonically produced offerings. Following the announcement of his new online radio station, The Network, a mysterious listening platform that Jaar has stated “I will let you guys discover what this is on your own” and the news of his impending album Sirens, set to debut this Friday on Other People, he was gracious enough to let us stream the six-track LP ahead of the release date.

Being Nico Jaar’s “most topically cohesive and politically-minded record to date,” he holds true with a host of spacial and exotic vibes only this maestro could compile. Included in the stream is “Wildflower,” a bonus track not included on the original album. While not being able to skip around from track to track, the flow produced does not require this feature as seamless transitions occur at each end point.

As the physical Sirens release doesn’t drop until October 14th, pre-orders are being taken at this time though which gives plenty of the vinyl fiends time to salivate over the scratch-off cover, as well as an accompanying fall tour that Jaar will be embarking on. You can stream it here.

Sirens Tracklist:
01. Killing Time
02. The Governor
03. Leaves
04. No
05. Three Sides of Nazareth
06. History Lesson