Daft Punk Lollapalooza Rumor Put to Rest

lollapalooza rumor

Daft Punk Lollapalooza Isn’t Happening

Those Lollapalooza Daft Punk rumors were fake after all. Somehow after years of falling for the same tricks, we have fallen for it yet again guys. A few weeks back, the world exploded due to a Lollapalooza Chile poster that began circulating. The flier included Daft Punk and The Weeknd shortly after they released a collaboration together. To add to the hype, everybody is expecting Daft Punk to continue their decade tradition and go on an Alive 2017 to complement their Alive 1997 and 2007 outings. To make it even worse, the Lollapalooza website was found to have an artist landing page for Daft Punk.

Alas, this was just another in a long line of Daft Punk fakeouts. The real flier finally dropped today, sans Daft Punk. Fans will instantly say “but there are 2 blanks!”, but it is highly unlikely Daft Punk would be billed on the 2nd row and also unlikely the name would fit in the blank spot. Sorry guys, we got fooled again and it looks like the knowledgeable redditor was right all along. Better luck next time!