Daft Punk Reportedly Not Booking Any Shows For 2017

Rumors regarding Daft Punk touring in 2017 have been confirmed as false, according to Consequence of Sound founder Alex Young.

Rumors began earlier this week when a flyer for Lollapalooza Chile was posted on the r/DaftPunk subreddit on popular social forum Reddit. The flyer listed Daft Punk as a headliner, which would have marked the duo’s first on-stage appearance since their hiatus began in 2007. The duo was also rumored to be playing Coachella and Lollapalooza’s Chicago edition.

daft punk

But unfortunately, fans will have to continue to wait for a hopeful live return, says Young, because Daft Punk is reportedly not booking any shows.

“A well-placed source says they aren’t taking offers for 2017,” Young wrote on Reddit. “… They are for sure not headlining Coachella, and my sources tell me they aren’t accepting live offers.”

With all this in mind, this revelation does not necessarily mean that the guys will not be playing an shows in 2017. There is still plenty of time to book some shows and we wouldn’t be surprised if this potential tour is an extremely well-kept secret. At least fans can listen to “Starboy” – Daft Punk’s collaboration with The Weeknd – while they continue to patiently wait for their beloved robots to return to the stage.