Zedd Produces Track For Lindsey Stirling

For those who don’t know Lindsey Stirling, she is a violinist-turned-EDM-artist who creates absolutely stunning electronic tracks that feature her skills on the electric violin as a lead. Combined with her skills as a dancer, Lindsey Stirling puts on jaw-dropping live performances in a way seen by no other electronic artist.

Stirling recently released her newest album Brave Enough, and it has been revealed that one of the tracks titled “Love’s Just A Feeling” appears to have been produced by the dance music icon, Zedd, who tweeted about it just a few days ago:

While Stirling already has quite the name for herself, collaborating with big names like Zedd indicate some serious growth, so be prepared to see more and more of her music and performances in the coming years.

If you haven’t seen her performances before, check out the video below of one of her biggest hits, Crystallize.