Carl Cox On Ending His Residency at Space Ibiza

As the summer comes to an end, Carl Cox is saying goodbye to his 15-year residency at Space Ibiza – and, from the looks of it, maybe even playing in Ibiza overall.

Cox, the “godfather of the decks” and arguably one of the largest and most longstanding electronic music DJ and producers in the industry, has been dominating the music world since the 1980s. He recently spoke to the UK’s Ticketmaster blog about his residency and view of Ibiza’s evolution over the years. He was not afraid to be blunt, stating that “Ibiza has turned into the new Vegas of Spain.”

Space Ibiza has been a prominent club in Ibiza for years, and its closure at the end of the season shows the shift that is occurring on the island itself. Cox is nostalgic, but this is only part of the shift that Ibiza is facing:

“If you are booking tickets for Ibiza, you want to go to Space, you want to go to DC10, you want to go to Amnesia, it is part of the fabric of the island. But that is all going to go and once that’s gone, it’s gone – and then Ibiza will change. Space was the place that opened Ibiza and it’s going to be the place that closes it. You won’t have that anymore, some clubs will scramble to get themselves into that position but it won’t have the same heritage.”

The owners of Ushuaïa will be taking over the site, and Cox has openly noted that he will not become a resident regardless of how much money he is offered. “That won’t happen. I understand it has a place on the island…you know what you are getting, you know you can jump up and down in the mosh-pit and go crazy but it isn’t the true ethos of what the island stands for. That is the point that has been missed and that is why plenty of people are upset.”

Cox’s last night at Space Ibiza is Tuesday, September 20; the show is already sold out and he plans to play until at least midday.

Not getting enough Carl in your life? Check out his 4 hour set from Circo Loco @ DC10 on Mixcloud or below.