Heroic Recordings Presents ‘Heroic I: LUMEN’


Heroic I: LUMEN

Today is a big day for one of our favorite imprints, Heroic Recordings. They’ve set out on new journey to bridge the gap between imaginative worlds and narrative soundscapes. They plan on accomplishign this with a brand new compilation titled Heroic I: LUMEN. This is particularly significant because it marks a giant creative transition, placing importance on thematic inspirations that equally focus on the music, artwork and concept. This aesthetic platonic shift will happen twice a year, with each change marking a discovery of a new world.

Following the curious journey of a nameless hero, we are exposed to unfamiliar settings within the enigmatic world of LUMEN. The world is vast, glowing in a kaleidoscopic luminescence and is a sitting imaginarium waiting to be conquered. In this dimensional compilation, we follow the adventure through raw new music from roster favourites including Fytch, Imagin8, Ark Patrol, Ashdown and more. In spaces and emotions dark and dingy or vivid and warm, the world of LUMEN directly mirrors the diversity within the sounds of the compilation.


1) Fytch & Paradym – Lonely Roads
2) Imagin8 – Hologram
3) Luke Cusato – Ghosts
4) Ashdown – Stutter
5) Ehiorobo – Gilderoy Lockhart
6) Gill Chang x Snareskin – Subliminal
7) Whynnel – Hidden Trails
8) Dooqu – Feel So Good
9) Ark Patrol – Trouble (ft. Josh Rubin)
10) Leo The Kind – Throne
11) JPB – DWMU (ft. Anuka)