Eric Prydz Teases Us With More Cirez D Music

Another day, another possible new Cirez D release from Eric Prydz.

The progressive house master has been on a roll the past year or so, unloading song after song from his long locked vault of music. In just the past year, he has released the Pryda 10 albums, Opus and a few Cirez D songs along the way. He’s been releasing more to us in the past year than ever before. It looks like we could be getting more techno from him, as he has added pictures of a new green vinyl on his facebook with the caption “Mouseville 022”. For those of you who remember his most recent Cirez D release, he did the same thing, putting up a picture of a red vinyl with a vague caption.

Not many details there to work with, but the good news is we can guarantee we’ll be at least getting something, and Prydz never disappoints. The diehard Prydateers are already trying to predict what songs will be released this time and usually when he puts something out it is material that he has been playing alot live recently and getting alot of reactions too. This has led some to believe we could be getting a long awaited official release of “Choo” on this latest vinyl. Check out a recording of it below.