Slushii ft. Madi – So Long

It’s a big week for Slushii! Let’s review: Earlier this week he posted a heartfelt Facebook post about his journey to becoming Slushii which included posts from friends and texts about keeping his identity a secret. Also, about his dream to come back as a stronger producer with a whole new style (ahem, mission accomplished). Let’s see, what else? He’ll also be making his festival debut at HARD Summer in Southern California this week. No big deal.

As if that’s not enough, he’s also releasing new music! Today, our frozen favorite gave us his latest track titled, “So Long.” The track features vocals from Madi and was just released on Mad Decent. After getting a glimpse with the short preview we got earlier this week, our speculations turned out to be correct because this track is FIRE. This newest tune hits on some all new levels of the vibe charts and will likely be a fan favorite. Check out the full stream of Slushii’s latest treat below!

Pretty amazing week for the producer. Good Luck this weekend Slushii.

Slushii ft. Madi – So Long Download