Pokemon Go is Over Now, Thanks Hardwell

In today’s meme filled world, something can go from not even existing to a global annoyance in a very short time. From the Bucket Challenge to various other memes, there’s always a breaking point where it reaches the limits of good taste. Pokemon Go took over the world in a few short weeks with a fury that is unmatched in meme-world, precisely because it has a “real world” component of people literally walking around playing it. It has flooded our social media feeds, it has flooded the blogs, and it has taken over news stories also.

Well, thankfully we’re here to tell you its over. Pokemon Go has officially reached the saturation point that signals its impending doom. This weekend at Ultra Europe in front of thousands of people, Hardwell closed his set by playing the theme song for a 90s video game basically in full. If there was any sign you needed to tell you the fad is officially on the way out, this is it. Now everybody move along and get back being sedentary.