Cesqeaux & San Holo – Who Am I [Music Video]

San Holo has long been a leading figure in the future bass sound. His swinging percussions couple well with his larger-that-life synths to create a swagger filled sound that even your mom would want to drive slow to. In part of a recent collaboration with Cesqueaux, his latest single finally sees some well-paired visuals to bring his song, ‘Who Am I’, to life.

The tune starts with a lush synth pluck to lure the listener into its snare. Within a short few moments, the switch up comes in with full force as a warped and disjointed vocal provides the character and hook of the song. As this tension begins to build, two characters in the short video are seen living an odd ball trailer life while doing everything they can to make themselves look like hot shots. The man pounds pills to bulk up, and the woman does all in her power to compete in her local fashion show. Throughout the tune’s distorted evolution and brick walled bass lines, you see the couple fall to pieces in search of what they think they want in life.

So check the video in its whole below, and head over to San Holo’s SoundCloud to further familiarize yourself with the sound of an all-star.