ATTLAS is one of the most exceptional rising talents in electronic music, a man who has earned the admiration of even the notoriously snarky Joel Zimmerman. ATTLAS, or Jeff Hartford, is a prominent member of Deadmau5’s label mau5trap, where he has consistently released his unique brand of progressive house. Recently, the burgeoning young artist dropped an incredible collaboration with Deadmau5 himself, the epic 9 minute long track cleverly titled, “Bad at Titles.” While this track helped raise ATTLAS’s severely underrated profile, he has also released some exceptional solo work such as his six track “Sin” EP. After releasing this towards the end of 2015, ATTLAS is already back with another EP, the five track EP, “Bloom.”

ATTLAS’s “Bloom” begins with the chilled out “Shadow Play,” a beautifully melodic song that immediately sets the tone for this idyllic EP. This flows seamlessly into “Ryat,” which features a silky smooth instrumental that is soaring and emotionally impactful. ATTLAS then brings down the energy to a near standstill, as the downtempo “Colors” calms his audience with Kye Sones’s soulful vocals. This is followed up with “I Need You More,” an entrancing track that submerses you into a peaceful serenity. Finally, ATTLAS ties the whole EP together with the soothingly nostalgic “Avenue Road,” culminating another impressive release in his continuously growing musical catalogue.

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