Ruby Rose Criticized For Faking Her DJ Perfromances

ruby rose
Another “star” DJ being called out for faking their sets? Surprised? Well Ruby Rose, known for her casting in Netflix’s Orange Is The New Black, had a well established DJ career before her rise to fame, so she boasted in recent interviews. However, evidence has surfaced that is putting a lot of doubt that she might be taking her acting into her performances behind the decks.



Josh Billings, with the keen eye of an individual who has made an impact in the dance music scene by hosting the quite boisterous night called Focus, a house centered event taking place in Orange County, seemingly has caught Ruby Rose redhanded at her gig last fall at Tryst nightclub in Sin City. Going one step further than just posting the original clip on his Facebook page, he took the time to give a breakdown of her set and his expert opinion on why he believes she’s doing herself and her fans a disservice.


Just something to notice. Most of these cases that take place and receive major media attention throughout the industry are usually by players in the mainstream gauntlet. If you’re too busy making music or just being a superstar, do us all a favor and at least make it believable to industry professionals. Their hawk like tendencies make it very unlikely small details like those mentioned above will go unseen.