A venue located just outside of Los Angeles in Glendale named Cure and The Cause has decided to implement a controversial new rule: no more laptops in the DJ booth. Kenny Summit, the venue owner and a well-known DJ, posted the announcement to Facebook:

The venue responded to the post writing, “WE DONT WANT LAPTOPS. End of story. To each their own.” Kenny later posted a second update that read:

Cure and the Cause shared the post and added the caption “do what you want in your house, this is how we do in our house.”

This post opened the floodgates to a flurry of comments about the idea of no laptops and numerous discussions within the music community about learning the industry and the tools that come with it. For now, it looks like Cure and the Cause is standing their ground; we’ll keep our eyes out for more responses regarding the new policy as we see them.