Dance Community Unites Over Orlando Pulse Nightclub Tragedy




One of the most beautiful things about the dance music community is it’s ability to bring millions of different people together under the banner of love and acceptance. Whether it is in the form of bringing half a million people to the same place for a festival, or uniting the strength of the entire online community to support the victims of an enormous tragedy, the influence of the music and the artists who create it is unprecedented. Nothing exemplifies this more than the communities reaction to the recent and horrifying events that took place early Sunday morning at Pulse Nightclub in Orlando.

Posts from hundreds of the most influential artists started pouring in after the tragedy, with one of the most moving by the industry powerhouse, Diplo. While born in Mississippi, he grew up mostly in South Florida and the Orlando club scene was where he was first exposed to dance music, and provided the inspiration that launched his massively successful career as a producer. Diplo’s reaction to the massacre is deep and heartfelt:

Other reactions can be found below:

I really hate reading the news. Seeing people get hurt, being terrorized, abused, starved to death or killed. I don’t like trying to explain the world to my kids, I really don’t like seeing people bully each other, fight over religion, fight over football, color, race, sex or anything that’s suppose to be beautiful and supporting. If we would just mind our own damn business, the people around us and make sure we do anything in our power to be the best human we could possibly be we wouldn’t have these issues. People care too much of what others do with their lives. They care so much that they are willing to die for it. Do you understand how fucked up that is?!. I’m willing to die for my kids & my family but not because someone has made a lifestyle choice I’m not ok with, but because I would protect them against all evil. And with evil I mean these weak humans out there who would attack innocent people that they clearly worship. If anyone says killing is because of religion – fuck you! You have no belief, there’s no religion in you whatsoever. If you go fight about a beautiful game of football cause your team didn’t win – go talk to your team. Don’t try kill someone cause it’s not their fault your team lost. If you want to fight go join a MMA gym and go out there and fight like a man, Don’t go with 10 of your buddies and kick someone’s ass cause that’s not fighting. Its really weak, shows a scared and a very inhumane way of fighting. If you want to be a gladiator go fight someone who wants to fight back.. Anyways – sorry for posting this shit. I really fucking hate weakness. I like real humans who would walk through fire to save another person. I look up to people who care about others, help others! Show respect. Show heart and show everyone around you that there is a great world out there worth holding on to! Don’t be weak. Don’t be a coward. Be a human. Not a monster. Love & Respect. Steve Angello.

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