AEG Inks Deal with Snapchat to Further Integrate with Festivals

As technology progresses and continues to evolve, social media, and the role it plays in our everyday experience, will change, and has been changing. The example can be seen in number of online tools we use everyday, including Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. All three of these tools were initially very simple, but overtime have grown to be extremely popular, and widespread in their use.

Specifically, Snapchat, has grown to be one of the most unique, and most widely used social media tools to date, which will soon surpass both Twitter and Pinterest, through reaching and impressive 58.6 million users. Snapchat has worked hard to evolve and grow while maintaining a connection with youth and millennial culture. Snapchat most recently struck a deal with AEG Live, one of the largest event production agencies in the country, to have fan contributed, custom live stories built around many of their most popular events including Stagecoach, and Hangout Music Festival. Part of this new development includes selling sponsorships within the live stories to businesses popular with millennials, and other festival attendees.

Andrew Klein, senior vice president of AEG Global Partnerships stated;

 that the partnership is, “unlocking the capability for our concertgoers to not only share their favorite moments with their fellow attendees, but also with music fans around the world.”

Ben Schwerin, director of partnerships at Snapchat also stated;

“Partnering with AEG Live helps us capture thousands of unique perspectives from the event, allowing our community to dive in to the story and feel like they are actually there – from backstage to the front row, this deal also provides a great opportunity for brands to align with music content and reach our audience.”

This is a perfect example of how technology is changing and adapting to our new habits and interests. As social media usage becomes even more widespread, chances are, tools like Snapchat will turn to play an even more important role in our everyday life, as well as become increasingly significant in adding to the festival experience.