Did Kaskade Pre-Plan his LA Convention Center Set?

Kaskade played in Los Angeles this past Saturday at the Los Angeles Convention Center to over 21,000 attendees, breaking the record for the largest event ever held at the venue. When planning and playing at a show of this size, preparations are obviously needed – but a piece of paper from the venue has suggested that Ryan went as far as to plan his set, or even pre-record it.

Mike Burakoff, the director for Kaskade’s live show and visuals, explained that the piece of paper is actually a “times in a practice mp3 that Ryan mixed” that allowed the team to prepared for the 2.5 hour set. This mp3 allowed the lighting and visual teams, along with the pyro technicians, to plan their sets accordingly.

“We had a LOT of fireworks going off inside and we needed to time these out so no one gets hurt. I grew up as a musician and appreciate that even though Ryan has an idea of where he is going, still improvises all the time based on the crowds reaction.”

Kaskade Set_preplanned


You can watch the video of Kaskade’s set below.