Design Experts Rank DJ Logos

Logos are the face of not just brands but people, places, teams, and artists. We all recognize logos before a name. Having a big or catchy logo can help tremendously, it helps us stand out from the rest of the crowd and gives everyone a visual identity. Take the mau5 head for example. Everyone knows it, I even have friends who don’t know deadmau5 or his music but know “that mouse head guy that plays techno”. If you get it out there enough everyone will recognize it.

Not all logos are good though. some could definitely be considered failures. The guys from Thump at Vice asked 5 creative directors and graphic designers to rate different logos. Each one was score one to ten and all critiques were accepted. Here are the scores.

10. Kygo – 4.6/10
9. Avicii – 4.7/10
8. Skrillex – 5.1/10
7. Tiesto – 5.4/10
6. Flying Lotus – 5.8/10
5. Evian Christ – 5.9/10
4. Justice – 6.6/10
3. The Chemical Brothers – 7.2/10
2. Aphex Twin – 8.0/10
1. Daft Punk – 8.2/10

Click here to check out the article and each artist’s critiques.