One of the biggest questions event throwers are faced with is: What should the minimum acceptable age for attendants be? Recently, HARD Presents had to ask that important question about this year’s upcoming HARD Summer.

After two deaths occurred on the opening day of last year’s festival, HARD was forced to raise the minimum age of entry from 18 to 21 for its Halloween festival HARD Day of the Dead. Many dedicated fans were disappointed by this announcement and it quickly became marred with controversy. Despite this issue, Day of the Dead was a resounding success, and due to this, Destructo, producer and head of HARD, may have decided to give the 18+ crowd another chance.

When a fan tweeted at Destructo today asking what this year’s age restriction would be, Destructo himself responded by simply tweeting back “18”.

hard summerThis is in no way an official announcement, but younger fans should be excited since it is very likely they will be able to make it to this HARD Summer 2016. For more information about the festival, head over here.