Dillon Francis’ Tour Rider Is Even More Ridiculous Than He Is

dillon francis
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A lot of artists’ riders have gone public in the past because of their ridiculous demands for their dressing rooms.  Not too long ago, a Jack U rider hit the web and then an old deadmau5 rider surfaced as well. The latest rider to “leak” is Dillon Francis‘.  Any fan of Dillon that follows him on any social media knows he has an outrageous sense of humor.  Well, his antics don’t just stop there, they overflow into his professional life as well.  If you’re going to have Dillon play your party, you better be ready to pick up some of the following:

1 Blow Up Doll With Lube

Dillon gets lonely.

2 Pinata filled with candy

Who doesn’t like partying with a pinata?!

3 Gun

Safety first…..??

4Amish made electric Fireplace

Dillon gets cold feet before every performance.  Pun intended. Haha.

5 Box of Condoms

Ahhh, safety first. 😉

6Black Tar Heroin

Well, this is just too out there for me…

7 Replica Whip of the Whip in Indiana Jones

First the blow up doll with lube, now an Indiana Jones whip, and then different genres of porn… Hmmm… I guess Dillon has some weird fetish…

83 Different VHS porn tapes, assorted genres

Dillon likes his variety

We would love to see the promoter’s face when they first lay eyes on this list. Check out the rest of the items promoters need to gather for Dillon Francis before his show below.

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