Coachella Creators To Announce New Festival At Rose Bowl

Goldenvoice, the creators and organizers of Coachella, is continuing to build its empire with a new three-day festival.

This festival, due to take place in Pasadena at the Rose Bowl, will be titled Arroyo Seco Music and Arts Festival. It will join its soon-to-be-sister festivals, Coachella, Electric Forest, Firefly Music Festival, and Hangout Fest – among many more – as a part of the GoldenVoice experience. It’s also worth noting that it looks like Arroyo Seco will be here for quite some time, as Pasadena City Council has given Rose Bowl GM Darryl Dunn the green light for a 10-year deal with Goldenvoice.

Though few details have been released, the Pasadena Star-News has predicted that the event may debut as soon as next June – more to come.

H/T: CBS Local