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1MitiS – Foundations EP

After eager anticipation from his adoring fans, the time is finally upon us. The latest EP from the maestro himself, MitiS is out! There’s a lot to like about this EP, so let’s not waste any time. Grab some quality headphones, or crank this into your studio monitors folks, you’re going to want to hear this in high fidelity.

“1.16.2016” floats along, building the soundscape for the rest of the EP, showcasing the exceptional production chops MitiS has developed over the years. Foundations has already been gushed over here, so if you’re as big a fan as I am, you know how good a tune it is.

“Before The Season Ends” is a beautiful, original from MitiS that is one of those stand-out tunes you use to introduce people to not only a new artist, but an entirely new genre. “Before The Season Ends” shimmers as it builds, with his “never-off-the-shelf” production loops and FX in full effect. The anthemic drop is a head and shoulders above even the most scintillating big room. It’s a 7-minute odyssey of a tune that I can’t wait to push through the NYC subway system listening to.

“Breathe” has that moody gorgeous future vibe that all the cool kids seem to be listening to these days. Combining delightful pad work, soft bass and an almost Japanese-infusion of chords, it’s a great track featuring FathoM. If the two of them spawn a genre of producers with sick skills and both the first and last letters in caps, I wouldn’t even mind.

“The Forever Club Mix” was another advance release that got my attention. A driving progressive tune of the highest caliber, it’s an absolute blast. It’s always my pleasure to bring news about #MyBoyMitiS. I hope you have as much fun listening as I did.

MitiS - Foundations EP - EDMTunes