Audiophile XXL – 1 Year Of XXL Compilation


Audiophile XXL – 1 Year Of XXL Compilation

Fresh off their Audiophile XXL outing on Marcus Nasty’s show featuring Inkline and MOZE, the crew residing in Dallas, Texas are celebrating their one year anniversary. Beginning as just a bass music and dubstep label, Audiophile Live emerged from the shadows in Texas, where the next phase of the electronic music revolution was taking place. Over the last few years, different genres began establishing themselves across the spectrum and while receiving demos for these burgeoning styles, there was no place to release them on the Live platform.

That’s where the Deep and XXL offshoots have come into play. XXL has filled the void with proper and well thought out bass and g-house tunes. Having multiple artists represent them at Electronic Daisy Carnival Vegas such as Aaron Jackson and a host of others have continued to give this label credence in their taste making and A&R.

In reaching the one year milestone, they’ve released a compilation filled with some familiar names and a few new faces. Dillon Nathaniel, 219 Boys, Metacentric, Dateless and Freefall are all familiar names to the label and why not? They’ve all proven themselves with tracks like “Rebirth” by Metacentric and “Treat Her Right” by Dillon Nathaniel & Dateless and their new tunes are along the same caliber. Zippy Cher and Doug English made their freshmen releases on the label seem like they’ve been a part of the family the entire time.

With the main stage fans finally moving on from festival tunes and taking a side step over to the underground, Audiophile XXL has placed themselves in prime position for success by providing relevant and accessible music. They are a huge fan of compilations, so continue to be on the look out for more floor crushing material soon.

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